Paul Barkshire

Paul Barkshire - Black & White Photographer

Documentary Stills Specialist: Monuments, National Trust Buildings, London Images

The Kraszna-Krausz Book Awards have been made annually since 1985, and have alternated yearly between books on photography and books on the moving image.

The winning books have been those which make original and lasting educational, professional, historical, technical, scientific, social, literary or cultural contributions to the field. Paul Barkshire won this coveted award in 1988 for his book Unexplored London (Lennard). Unlike Paris or Rome, London is not one city, but a cluster of villages and hamlets, often swamped by their surroundings, but never with their individuality annihilated. This is a photographic study of the capital which aims to represent the real London beyond the tourist attractions.

In the forward to Unexplored London, here is an excerpt of how David Bailey describes Paul Barkshire

"I see him in the romantic light of a craftsman, who through this craft transcends the normal"

Paul used a c.1920 Eastman Camera up until 1985 with 8x10 Black & White negatives to produce images with a sharpness, contrast and richness that few photographers achieve without colour. Since 1985 he has been using a 8x10 Wista.

Paul Barkshire has also written "Paul Barkshire's Other London" (the paperback edition is "London Villages") and has pictures featured in James Herbert's Dark Places.

'I process all my 8x10 negatives and contact print them to archival standard on fiber based paper- that means 2 fix baths, selenium toner with hypo clear, then another hypo clear followed by a 40 min wash.
Most of my negatives are now owned, with copyright, by English Heritage so some of my photographs are one -offs as I can not reprint them'

Contact Details (Private & Commercial Commission work undertaken)

Paul Barkshire
Telephone: 07982 626 313